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Drake Haus Location


The Drake Haus map and directions.

2847 Ridge Road

Nederland, Colorado 80466

  Driving Directions to The Drake Haus

Drake Haus is located off C119 (Canyon Boulevard) between the towns of Boulder to Nederland in Colorado.

  1. From Boulder Take C119 west about 13 miles (from Boulder city limit) to Hurricane Hill Drive.  This is just past Barker Dam.  It will be obvious because you will suddenly have a view of Barker Lake on your left from C119.  
  2. Turn right on Hurricane Hill.  Drive 0.7 mile to Ridge Road.
  3. Turn right on Ridge Road and drive about 2 miles to The Drake Haus. Address: 2847 Ridge Road there is a right turn in Ridge Road immediately before arriving at Drake, with going straight putting you on another road (Cold Spring).  The signage is a bit subtle.  Watch for the pavement to end; it ends shortly after this last turn for both paths.  This right turn is just a couple hundred yards after a yellow diamond sign with image of fire engine. Visitors are warned about the shortcut between Ridge Road and C119 east of The Drake.  This fire escape road is extremely steep and hazardous.  We do not recommend it unless you have 4WD and are very sure of your mountain 4WD skills.
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