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Learn to Catch Trout, Private Water
Learn to Catch Trout, Private Water Williams Ranch
Date: Sat, Apr 8
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
4 spaces available
Fly Fishing 102 - Learn to Catch a Trout in one day on one of our private waters.
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The Best Fishing and Gear Reports

Fishing Reports and River Reports for Colorado and the Rocky Mountains

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Our fly fishing reports, insect hatch reports and river condition reports are the best in the fly fishing industry. We have created a reporting format that gives interested anglers access to all of the information you need in one place. Current information updated every four hours and includes: the current insect hatch reports and a hatch chart, current and forecasted weather conditions, current and historic stream flow data and graphs including run-off conditions detailing the time, duration and the water clarity. We have developed a mobile web based reporting system driven by our guides and pro staff to ensure the most up to date fishing reports in Colorado. We can update our reports from the river through our mobile phones. We have two kinds of reports; trip reports giving detailed information about a recently completed guide trip or fishing lesson and fishing reports detailing pro staffers or guide fishing trips. These reports include the start and end time of the outing, the weather conditions and water conditions, the number of hours fished, the three best fly patterns used that day, the number of fish hooked, the number of fish landed and the stats on the best fish of the day.

Anyone who has looked at online fishing reports knows how difficult it can be to find up to date information. Our reporting system allows our entire staff to be involved the process of keeping our reports as up to date as possible. Those of us who have been fishing in Colorado for many years know that fishing reports do not really change on a day to day basis. What does change regularly are the hatch, river flow and weather conditions. Our weather and river conditions are updated every four hours with forecasted and historic data available, and we can update hatch conditions while standing in the river. We update or fishing reports every time we fish and our published fishing reports are never more than two weeks old. If we have not fished a specific location in more than two weeks our weather and river conditions will be current and our fishing report will show No Current Report Available.

Fly Fishing Gear Reviews & Equipment Reports

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Our fly fishing gear reports and equipment reviews focus on the products we have selected to use everyday. All of our gear reports follow the same format; a product preview when a new product is introduced, a review after the product is used the first time, a one month review after the product has been used a minimum of thirty times, a six month review after sixty use days or six months and a season end review after ninety use days or one calendar year. We also provide in depth feedback on the customer service support and warranties repairs we receive from each manufacturer. These reports are designed to help you make good purchase decisions based on real field testing by walk wade fly fishing guides. We break it so that you do not have to. Fly Fishing Gear tested and reviewed by our Pro Staff.

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