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July 2016

Greetings from The Flyfisher Guide Service! It is early July in Colorado and fishing is really beginning to heat up. Flows are high across the Front Range and the western slope but our flagship fly-fishing preserve properties on South Boulder Creek have phenomenal flows of just 183 CFS! For our Colorado Fly Fishing Guides, now is one of their favorite times to be out on the water with clients. Stream flows are ideal for wade fishing to target the prime spots on the river easily from the bank. Early summer on the water means versatility when it comes to angling, guides are catching fish on dry flies, nymphs and streamers! Flows on South Boulder Creek also means the big fish are on the feed; we are seeing some of the best trophy rainbows and browns landed right now!

It doesn't matter what time of year it is in Colorado, there is no bad time to stock up on new fishing gear. Be sure to buy your significant other flowers or plan a good couples night to make up for your spending, but head to your local fly shop today to check out some of the latest and greatest fly fishing gear!

The Flyfisher Guide Service Top 5:

1. Winston BIIIX

Winston BIIIX Rod

If we had a "genie" wish it would be to wake up tomorrow morning to a brand new Winston BIIIX in every line weight and length available! For 2016, Winston has upgraded the Boron III X rods incorporating new friction-free 'Shooting Guides" to take the world's best performing fly rods and make them even better. The new rods shoot line effortlessly, allowing you to generate even more line speed without compromising the delicate action of Winston fly rods. The new series of Boron rods feature advanced Boron III materials and technology, making them incredibly lightweight, powerful, fast action rods. The new Winston rods truly have the widest casting range of any rods on the market today, allowing anglers to make long powerful and accurate distance casts, while at the same time having the balance and touch for up close and delicate presentations.

Check them out at

2. 3-Tand Fly Reels

3-Tand Fly Reels

Want a Hatch quality fly reel but cannot afford one? No problem, 3-Tand has you covered. These fly reels feature a fully sealed drag system, keeping your reel free from sand, salt, grit and dirt. Featuring a Nano CF drag system these reels are truly unstoppable and even more the price is unbeatable! For a high quality fly reel on a budget, check out 3-Tand today. Every reel 3-Tan makes is designed for a specific purpose to fit your angling needs.

Check them out today at

G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Rods

3. G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation

Love to fish high country trout streams and lakes? Take a look at the G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation rods. High Country trout fanatics know that sometimes it takes a long cast or a delicate presentation to fool remote water trout. So the next time you hike 5 miles to your favorite lake or stream, make it count with the G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation rods. These rods will help you hit the "target" spot every time.

Check out G Loomis at

Renzetti Traveler Vise

4. Renzetti Traveler Vise

The Renzetti Traveler is one of our favorite "Do Everything" rotary style fly tying vises. From midges to blue water patterns, you can tie them on the Renzetti traveler. The vise is easy to use and its jaws do a great job at gripping all sizes of hooks. If you are looking for a great vise that wont break the bank, look no further than the Renzetti Traveler.

Check out the Traveler at

Filson Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest

5. Filson Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest

Why should Brat Pitt be the only guy looking good on the river? If you are looking to class up your style on the river take a look at Filson Fly Fishing Vests. The Filson Foul Weather vest is a water-repellent vest and withstands weather and wear. It is cut high for deep-water wading and has an attached rear rucksack for gear. The vest also features a removable sheepskin shearling fly patch and rod-holding loop. And as with all Filson products, it is built to last.

Check it out at

Superflies of July

Green Caddis Pupa

Canyon Stone: Brown

Summer in Colorado means lots of bugs on the water and especially caddis. Just shake a willow on virtually any Colorado creek or river and you are likely to find a whole plethora of caddis buzzing about. Caddis pupa patterns are a must to have in your box! However, caddis pupa patterns are probably one of the most widely tied patterns and it is important to stock your box with realistic and lifelike imitations. Fortunately, Superflies has you covered. When fishing Colorado's technical waters like Cheesman Canyon and Deckers your fly must look like the real thing in size, shape and color. There isn't a more realistic caddis pattern on the market than our Caddis Pupa. Put a few in your box this summer, you will soon be calling them your "Secret Weapon Caddis".

Stonefly Nymph – Yellow

Stonefly Nymph Yellow

A good Stonefly Nymph is a must have in your fly box during the Colorado summer. Stoneflies live in the river year round and are always available to hungry trout, think of a big stonefly nymph as a tasty "Big Mac" to fish. Yellow stones are prevalent in many of our Colorado streams during the early summer and a must have for your next fly-fishing trip. Realistic stonefly patterns serve as a great point fly for your nymph set up, rigging your fist fly as a stonefly and then dropping down to smaller bugs like caddis or mayfly nymphs. Realism is of the utmost importance when fishing a stonefly pattern, try hiding a few our stonefly nymphs in your buddy's sleeping bag on your next river trip, we are willing to bet he will run out of the tent screaming, "Bugs!"

Sulphur Dun - Yellow

Mayfly Sulphur Dun

Early summer on most of our Colorado's rivers, creek and streams means good hatches of Pale Morning Duns, one of the most beautiful and iconic mayflies of the West. When this hatch hits the water only the most realistic of imitations will fool the most discerning of fish. Be sure to stock your box with our Sulphur Dun, it could be the difference between landing a dozen trophy fish and getting goose egged the next time you encounter a blanket Pale Morning Dun or PMD hatch. Check out all our Superflies and other products and apparel at

Guide Words of Wisdom:

Fly Fishing Guides can be an interesting bunch. They come from all walks of life and previous occupations prior to taking up the guide life. Their style of guiding and background in the sport can be as varied as the different rivers and streams that they fish, but they all seem to have at least 10 things in common:

  1. They seem to have no interest in ever making any money...
  2. None of them appear to have been taught how to shave....
  3. They seem to wake up in the morning wearing sandals...
  4. None of them seem to know how to do laundry...
  5. They might be the only group of people in 2016 in which many of them still utilize a "Flip" Phone...
  6. None of them have any idea what an IRA or 401K is...
  7. Their fly boxes might be the only organized things in their life...
  8. They think a $100 bill is real money...
  9. They consider working from June to September to be a "Full Time" job...
  10. Suffice to say, fly fishing guides are an interesting group. But perhaps it is item 10 that makes them worth keeping around...

  11. They all exhibit a sincere and unwavering passion for their sport and for sharing it with others.

So while at times they may have a little river "stench" to them, perhaps what we can all learn from the fly fishing guide cult is whatever you do in life, do it for others and always do it with passion.

Fishing Quote of the Month:

“There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”

~ Steven Wright

Property Fishing Report: All of our famed South Boulder Creek properties have been fishing excellent! With flows ranging in the 150 CFS to 250 CFS range there is no better time than now to get on the water.

Boulder River Ranch: BRR might have to be renamed "Big Fish Valley" this year as we are landing some true trophies on this beautiful stretch of water. Fishing has been productive with nymph fishing, streamers and the occasional dry fly fishing. Your most important piece of equipment on Boulder River Ranch will be a big landing net!

Lincoln Hills: The riffles and runs of Lincoln Hills have been home to a wide variety of insect hatches lately. Dry fly fishing is really hitting up and our guides have been having record days nymph fishing the deep runs with clients. We have even had a "Pig" or two landed on huge mice and streamer patterns!

Lincoln Hills Park: If you haven't fished Lincoln Hills Park yet, do yourself a favor and book a trip today! This lower section of South Boulder Creek has been fishing on fire! Our guides are constantly begging to fish with clients on this stretch! Fishing with dries, nymphs and streamers has been the name of the game.

Deadwood Placer, Freeze Placer & Yacht Club: The upper portions of South Boulder Creek have been fishing nothing short of epic. "Up there" as the guides say, receives a lot less angling pressure than some of our lower stretches and the fish are on the feed! Hitting the pocket water with dry & dropper rigs or nymph fishing the deep holes and seams has been yielding many unforgettable days on the water.

Epsy Ranch: The Epsy Ranch is what fly fishing is all about, scenic mountain valley views coupled with beautiful native trout eating dry flies! The views and scenery surrounding the ranch have been breathtaking and the fishing is unreal right now. To see a special and unique part of South Boulder Creek book your trip to Epsy Ranch today.

Singing River Ranch: With flows on Bear Creek above Evergreen Lake at 53 CFS fishing has been spectacular on Singing River Ranch. This is small stream fly fishing at its very finest with a very healthy population of brown and rainbow trout with some true trophy fish lurking about.

Fly Fishing Colorado with Colorado Fly Fishing Reports:

Cheesman Canyon has been our go to tail water so far this summer. With flows ranging from 250 CFS to 500 CFS lots of bugs are in the water and the fish have been gorging on Scuds, San Juan Worms, Stoneflies, Caddis and of course the many species of micro midges and mayflies that call the "Canyon" home. The saying goes, "If you can catch trout in Cheesman Canyon, then you can catch them anywhere in the world." And the saying is most certainly true as the "Canyon" can humble even the most experienced of anglers. The key to fishing Cheesman well is to master the art of nymph fishing, especially sight nymph fishing without an indicator. The huge boulder filled Gil Trail creates great sight fishing opportunities for anglers, allowing fisherman to target and watch specific fish. The key to success is to target actively feeding fish and then match your fly to what the fish is eating. The next time you are in the "Canyon" turn over some rocks and start fishing flies that imitate the naturals that you find in the stream. Then make sure you are getting a good "drag free" drift and you will be will on your way to catching fish consistently in Cheesman Canyon. But, before you go be sure to arm yourself with knowledge and check at the latest stream flows, hatch conditions and top fly patterns at our very own Colorado Fly Fishing Reports:

It would be our privilege to spend a day with you and your guests on the water this summer. Our goal is to free your mind, find solitude on the river and create unforgettable experiences for you and your group. At the Flyfisher Guide Service spending a day on the water with you isn't a job, it is our way of life. We look forward to creating more unforgettable angling experiences this summer. Give us a call today to book the fly-fishing trip of a lifetime.

Visit us online at The Flyfisher Guide Service to book your next guided trip, follow the fishing reports, or check out Angling University for information on upcoming classes!

Our guides have been out fishing a number of our creeks and rivers here in Colorado. Check out the latest Colorado Fly Fishing Reports at Cheesman Canyon and other productive rivers!

For questions or information on summer fly fishing email me at

From our water to yours,

Cody DeGuelle
The Flyfisher Group


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