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April 2016

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. It is officially time for warmer weather, rising rivers and the start of a beautiful 2016 summer season. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Snowpack Update

Not so breaking news, the Front Range has received a lot of snow this spring. As of April 25th, the South Platte drainage is above 100% snowpack and the South Boulder Creek drainage is at 125% and climbing. Based on the weather we are experiencing, 150% is not out of the question.

Colorado Snow Pack

So what does that mean for the flows of South Boulder Creek? In the past, years that the drainage has seen above average snowpack have produced moderate peak runoff flows. Our opinion is that the available water naturally produced by the drainage satisfies the majority of the demand along the Front Range and the need to pipe water over though the Moffat Tunnel is minimal until we hit the heat of the summer. We are fairly confident in this, as the flow history in South Boulder Creek has reflected this prediction, however, Denver Water has not comment or provided any support details as they typically do.

So start planning your trips this summer without worrying too much about the threat of insanely high water.

Guide's Spring Clothing Choices

There is no shortage of jackets on the market right now, but we have thrown the best products into a list for you to save a little time shopping. These are not the most budget friendly choices as you get what you pay for and guides like to stay warm when it is cold outside.

Patty Nano Puff Jacket

Patty Nano Puff

This jacket (right) has been at the top of many lists and it is well deserved. Added cool points as it fits into the chest pocket. Super lightweight and holds heat like a brick oven. The only down side is that the material likes to tear when attacked by cats, but easily fixable with a little duct tape.

ARC'TERYX Squamish Hoody

Sitka Jetstream Jacket

A very well known brand in the hunting industry, Sitka (left) has some sweet stuff that is made for weather extremes with function and durability in mind. If you are hard on gear this is where you should look. There are countless high quality jackets out there, but this one is an absolute must for anyone planning to abuse their gear or someone that falls down a lot. Also available in camo if you think you do not catch fish because they can see you.

ARC'TERYX Squamish Hoody

ARC'TERYX Squamish Hoody A great brand for making out-of-staters cross their eyes when try to read the logo. This is another brand that does not target the fly industry, but excels in outdoor performance gear. This is a great jacket when the weather is warm, but the chilly spring breeze cuts through your base layer (right).

Guide's Choice Fly Selection

This is a must have list of flies to stock the box with. Check out our online store, OhSoFly, to purchase these Superflies while they are still in stock.

Superflies: Canyon Stone

Canyon Stone: Brown Canyon Stone: Green

You are not fishing the spring effectively if you do not have a stonefly tied on. Try a variation in sizes and colors. Green and brown match the naturals best as they are on the move and break free from the streambed as the flows start to rise.

Superflies: Wonder Worm

This worm pattern will out perform most in all conditions. Worm patterns can steal the show when feeder creeks and streamside running washes earth worms into the stream.

Superflies: MC Prince

MC Prince: Blue MC Prince: Red

The bug is a great utility fly. Works for all occasions and draws the attention of hungry trout. Red works better on sunny warm days and blue better on cloudy cool days.

Guide's Words of Wisdom

It is that time of year when afternoon thunderstorms are common. Do yourself and your family a favor every time you hear thunder roll or lightening crack. Head back to your vehicle or seek proper shelter until the storm has passed. Keep in mind that a fly rod is a giant lightening rod and you are likely standing in water. No fish is worth the risk.

Where To Fish?

Public water options have been varying weekly. Make sure to check the latest reports as spring conditions can have a dramatic effect on a fishery. Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Our Private Water options are always a safe bet. We have just the spot for all conditions. Our properties on South Boulder Creek are on fire, specifically the Lincoln Hills and Boulder River Ranch properties. Check out the latest fishing reports at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.

Visit us online at The Flyfisher Guide Service to book your next guided trip, follow the fishing reports, or check out Angling University for information on upcoming classes!

Our guides have been out fishing a number of our creeks and rivers here in Colorado. Check out the latest Colorado Fly Fishing Reports at Cheesman Canyon and other productive rivers!

For questions or information on summer fly fishing email me at

From our water to yours,

Cody DeGuelle
The Flyfisher Group


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