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March 2016


Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. Spring is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about strapping on wading boots instead of ski boots. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Our Top Colorado Fisheries for Spring

Warm weather and longer days always provide a good feeling in the soul of a fly angler. Check out these locations and see which fits the bill for your needs.

Nice brown on the Colorado

Colorado River

Offering one of the better early season floats. The stretch below Glenwood offers various options to satisfy any angler's palate. Streams are a favorite of hours, and if you are luck enough, you can rope into a monster sucker on a nymph. Often frowned upon, but the bend in the rod does not judge.

Fish towards Parshall for a great walk wade experience on bigger water. Make sure to move around a fair amount as the fish are often grouped-up and stragglers are few and far between.

Dream Stream

If you cannot touch another angler with your rod, it is a good day here. Yes the crowds are heavy and that probably defeats the goal of seclusion for most anglers, but, you can still find some monster Cutts and Rainbows pushing up to spawn. Focus on the riffles, most anglers are camped out in the runs leaving the fast water to those did not get there at the crack of dawn. Fish eat better in riffles anyways.

Brown trout at Deckers


Easy access to the city and a lot of fish. Crowds can be a hassle, but if this is news to you, then fishing public water in Colorado may not be your cup of tea. Spring is often our favorite time to fish Deckers as fish are actively feeding and the warm weather and nice scenery is tough to beat.

11 Mile Canyon

This is an early spring gem. We consider this a "sight angler's" paradise. If you cannot see fish and have a hard time reading their movements, then this may not be the best place. However, if you would like to learn, fish here. Check the current fishing reports online to gain intel and shoot for a weekday if possible.

Guides Words of Wisdom

Nice brown on the Colorado

Everyone has seen it and may or may not have thought twice about it. Someone standing five feet from the edge of the water holding a fish for a Polaroid at eye level. No mystery on what happens when that fish flops and the angler loses the handle on it.

Much like the movement to catch-and-release and de-barb your hooks. Proper fish handling is up at the top in regard to best practices for fish health.

Next time you pose for a nice grip-and-grin. Make sure you are situated over deep enough water so that your catch can swim away without a concussion if it makes the slip. Also, try to keep the fish two feet or less from the water so any premature reentry is done with minimal damage.

Guide's Choice Fly Selection

The deep freeze of winter is starting to show signs of weakness with sun hanging a little higher in the sky and warmer days sneaking into the forecast. As the hot flies start to turn away from #24 midges, here is what you should not be without.

Superflies: Caddis Larvae—Green

Nice brown on the Colorado

This is an excellent lead fly on a nymph rig. This pattern produces a lot of fish in the late winter and early spring months.

Superflies: Huevos Nugget—Light Orange

Nice brown on the Colorado

The rainbows and cuts are getting ready to spawn, we have already seen plenty of spawners in Cheesman Canyon and Deckers. Do not leave home with a healthy selection of egg patterns this spring.

Superflies: Hot Pocket—BWO

Nice brown on the Colorado

This pattern crushes! Effective all year, but has a tendency to always do the trick when baetis start to get more active in the late winter and early spring.

Where To Fish?

Fishing reports are starting to improve with the weather and the top locations have been the Arkansas (below Pueblo Res.), Deckers, and 11 Mile Canyon. Make sure to check the weather as the warmer sunny days have been best. Cold and/or cloudy days will be challenging.

Check out the latest reports at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.

Visit us online at The Flyfisher Guide Service to book your next guided trip, follow the fishing reports, or check out Angling University for information on upcoming classes!

Our guides have been out fishing a number of our creeks and rivers here in Colorado. Check out the latest Colorado Fly Fishing Reports at Cheesman Canyon and other productive rivers!

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From our water to yours,

Cody DeGuelle
The Flyfisher Group


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