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November 2015

Handling fish Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. After a whole season of beautiful weather and fun fishing its time to put away the wet wading socks and pull out the least leaky pair of waders you have. As the temperature continues to drop and the freestones start to freeze up, its time to head to some of Colorado's wonderful fisheries. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Looking for the Perfect Gift for that Angler in your Life?

Well here it is, a completely new line of packs and bags from Umpqua! Umpqua has always made dependable, quality products, and there latest line of packs and bags is nothing short. With their Zero Sweep technology and true angler driven design, these new packs and bags will have you covered, no matter what species you are chasing. Everything from that long day hike up to an alpine lake, to dry bags for those epic float trips, to guide packs, to a day on the salt, to a day of carping under the hot summer sun. They've got it all. Even if you have a college student in your life that wonders around campus just dreaming of the river, they have a backpack for that too. Check out their latest designs and head out to your local retailer to try them on!

Just because it swims away…

This is a great video on the effects of using tailing gloves on a fish's health. While it's a great feeling to be able to hold that trophy fish in your hands and get a great photo for you desk, is it really worth it? Many of us, catch-and-release fly anglers, fish for the sport, for all the great things fly fishing is. We personally always say, "Put the fish back and it can be there for the next time". However that belief doesn't always hold true if you don't realize the repercussions of your actions. While this video is not going to change everyone's mind, it can at least shed light on the devastating effects long after a release with the use of tailing gloves.

Safe Picture Taking Practices

This goes right along with getting those beautiful fish back in the water with the least amount of stress. By practicing these few tips, we can protect the beautiful fish in our rivers that we love to catch. Review these practices.

Take photos safely

Fishing the Blue this Winter?

Dangerous winter roads

We have all heard about it, and yes its true! Thanks to these new safety requirements, sitting in I-70 traffic might not be so bad this year. Make sure your vehicle is up to par with the new requirements when heading over to the Blue for a great day of fly fishing. Hear it from the ones that are putting their foot down, and all the props to them.

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