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October 2015

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. After a whole season of beautiful weather and fun fishing its time to put away the wet wading socks and pull out the least leaky pair of waders you have. As the weather continues to drop and the freestones start to freeze up, its time to head to some of Colorado's wonderful fisheries. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Warm Winter Fishing Tips

A brown caught in winter

Here are a few tips for the winter fly angler. These tips have been developed over years of cold winter fishing. Some may be common sense to you, while others might just keep you fishing all day.

1. Don't fall in the water. An obvious choice for staying warm while fishing, but some people fail to keep in mind when they are out there. With the ice covered rocks, all it takes is one slip on a cold day to call it.

2. Bring extra clothes in your vehicle. Whether you go down and soak your clothes or you didn't wear enough on the first excursion. You know you always have warm clothes to go back to in your car.

3. Hand and foot warmers. We don't know how many times these have saved us, but there is something to be said about being able to put your hands in warm pocket.

4. Bring a hand/golf towel. On a really cold day, this is what will make the difference between wanting to catch fish, or just shaking them off to avoid getting your hands wet.

5. Get an extra size up on your wading boots. Most people tap out when their feet get too cold, but the trick here is going up in boot size. Getting a size bigger allows you to wear multiple pairs of socks without cutting off your circulation and hence keeping your feet warm.

6. Bring an extra fly reel. Even if it's not the best, an extra reel will save you if one happens to freeze up.

7. Bring Vaseline or ice-off of some sort for your guides. When your guides freeze up you only have one option, which is to break the ice off. This often times results in accidentally breaking the tip of your rod off. Not only have we done this several times, but we have seen other people do it every winter. If you keep up with applying an anti ice agent to your guides, you can avoid having to mess with the ice. If your guides do freeze however, get to the bank and set your reel down and break off the ice. Whatever you do, do not try to break it off while holding the cork

Must Have Winter Tailwater Flies

A big one on the line If you are like us and prefer nothing more on a cold day than to sit down in front of a fire place with a nice glass of whiskey and tie flies, then these patterns are for you. Here are a couple of our favorite patterns for winter fishing in Colorado. If you like to tie flies, links are below each fly for a little tutorial on how to tie. If you would rather spend your time on the water than behind a vise, you can find these patterns at any fly shop. Cheers and best luck to you out there this winter.

Mysis Shrimp

First off, you have to have a good Mysis shrimp pattern. For fishing many of our tailwaters throughout Colorado, these guys can be loaded in a system, especially if the dam is poring over. The video below shows one of my favorite Mysis patterns to tie.
Preferred size(s): 18-24 Color: White

Black Beauty

One of our personal favorites is the Black Beauty. For starters it may be the easiest fly to tie with the exception of the San Juan Worm, but most importantly, it CATCHES fish. This is such a quick and easy tie, with endless variations, like throwing on a bead head, changing up dubbing color, and so on.
Preferred size(s): 18-24 Color: Black

Egg Patterns

Yes, we had to add it in. While some are partial at best to eggs, there is no denying that they catch fish, and especially in the wintertime. Another incredibly easy pattern to tie, and once you get it down; you will never pay $2 for one of these guys again. One little tying tip for you is to use the Glo Bug Dispenser. This saves material, makes for a quicker and easier tie.
Preferred size(s): 14-18 Color: Orange, Pink

Jujubee Midge

As the number one food source for many trout throughout the year and especially in the winter, any pattern of midges will be sure to hook a few. However with so many out there, what patterns should you choose? For us, there is no question that the Jujubee midge will be one of the ones in our box.
Preferred size(s): 16-24 Color: (Two-tone) Black/Red, Olive/Black

Pheasant Tail

Hands down our favorite fly pattern out there for trout. This is one of those flies that will work anytime, anywhere. The versatility of this fly to be tied in any size, bead head/non bead head, flash/no flash makes for an added bonus. For the wintertime a size 18 bead head, trailed by a flash back size 20 can be an ideal setup.
Preferred size(s): 16-24 Color: Pheasant tail, Black Pheasant tail

Winter, History, and Saltwater

With winter quickly approaching, and many of us finding ourselves booking plane tickets or preemptively packing for a saltwater trip still 2 months out; we thought it would be fun to throw in a little piece of fly fishing history. Here is a link to a great article about the man, the legend, Ted "Tibor" Juracsik. Thanks to his ingenuity you have the gear needed to tackle the biggest and baddest in the sea.

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