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September 2015

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. Fall is officially here, and with it brings spectacular scenery, cooler temperatures, and many childhood memories of fishing on that perfect fall day. Take some time to get out this month and create some new fall fishing memories with friends and family. We should see some of the last good hatches of the season along with incredible streamer fishing and browns and brooks starting to drop eggs. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

South Boulder Creek's Fly Fishing is Incredible

Check out some of the many different properties on South Boulder Creek this October, the flows are down, and running gin clear. Read up on the hot flies and our recommended necessities for October. With the predicted winter to come, this month may be the last to get out on the water before the ground becomes covered with snow and the ice covers the fish for the winter. Get the best flies to match the hatch this month, as fall is here and nymph and streamer fishing is going to turn on.

South Boulder Creek

Lincoln Hills

Anglers are reporting excellent fishing on the surface and sub-surface. Depending on the day, caddis, blue wings and midges have been coming off in hordes and should continue through the month of October. Surface action will start to slow down in October, but there is still ample time to hit a number of fish on the surface. The Superflies, Caddis Pupa and Caddis larvae have been incredible when dropped with a bead headed nymph on a dry-dropper set up.

SUPERFLIES: Caddis Adult - Ash Gray has been an excellent Caddis imitation and fooling a lot of fish to come to the surface.

superflies caddis adult gray
superflies caddis pupa

Boulder River Ranch

Water levels are down to ideal flows and trout of all sizes are feeding throughout the riffles, pockets, and pools. Dry fly fishing should continue to be great throughout October, with more sub-surface fishing coming into play. Caddis and midges have been the bugs of choice on the surface and below.

SUPERFLIES: Caddis Adult - Vanilla has been an excellent Caddis imitation and fooling a lot of fish to come to the surface. Midge larva is spot on to the midges present below the surface.

superflies caddis adult
superflies midge larvae

Upper Stretches of South Boulder Creek

There is a lot more water than just Lincoln Hills and Boulder River Ranch. While these are some absolutely incredible stretches, the upper sections of South Boulder Creek are in their prime right now. Check out all of the properties above Lincoln Hills for a nice change of pace and a day of fun. From Deadwood Placer to Espy Ranch, there are a few miles of river that are full of hungry trout. Try exploring some of the other excellent choices within the Lincoln Hills property portfolio; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Deadwood Placer

Hugely under fished, this section of water located just above Tunnel Beat is waiting for a dry-dropper/dry fly rig to drift down its beautiful riffles.

superflies adult caddis

Freese Placer

With every type of water you can imagine, this section is great for any type of fishing that your heart desires. Long riffles, deep runs, tight pockets and a few deep holes, this section of river has it all. Our favorite has been a Caddis Adult- Ash gray & pumpkin orange. What better way to end the fall season, than with a pumpkin orange caddis! October caddis having been coming off in numbers and this fly is the perfect imitation to match the hatch.

superflies adult caddis

Yacht Club

With a new trail system, this section is easy to navigate and at current flows, it has incredible fishing. Through the month of October, flows should remain lower, opening up more and more pocket water and bringing hungry fish close to the surface. Midges have been popping and hatch numbers are increasing. Try out this Midge Adult for best results.

superflies midge adult

Espy Ranch

This stretch of water flows through a beautiful grassy meadow with spectacular views. While this section does not hold the huge fish found on Lincoln Hills and Boulder River Ranch, it makes up for in numbers. We are expecting to have some amazing Caddis fishing this October. The caddis are popping and hatches have been steady all day. They are buzzing around and seem to be getting bigger and bigger. There is nothing like watching a dry float down these long riffles awaiting a slipping trout.

superflies cadis adult green

Singing River Ranch on Bear Creek

Take a day to get out and enjoy this beautiful section of river. Flows are at ideal levels and fish are starting to fatten up for the wintertime. With a three weight and a box of dries, this creek will send you home with a sore shoulder from all the fish you can catch. Try powdering up the puff on this midge pupa to fish half in and half above the water.

superflies midge pupae
superflies midge larvae


Ever have trouble knowing what pattern to fish when a hatch is coming off? Check out some of Superflies latest ties, these realistic patterns have been fooling fish after fish and out hooking our old favorites 4 to 1. With their realistic profiles, all you have to do is match your fly to the bugs coming off the water and your good to go. No more guess work. Checkout for flies and more information.

Olympus Camera

Best Camera for the Avid Angler

After much debate and arguing back and forth as to what camera was best for the river, one event put a stop to the debate. On one unfortunate guide trip, a fellow guide dropped his camera in the water after getting a nice slab shot. After trying to chase it down river, it went over a set of falls and was thought to be lost forever. Remarkably, two months later another guide saw it and netted it out of the river. Once he retrieved it, he hit the power button and it powered right up! Check out the Olympus Stylus Tough TG- 2 or any of the newer models (TG-4).

Gear Up for the Changing Season

With fall already here and a long season of tough fishing, many of our waders are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For a lot of us, whether you are actually wet wading, or just wet in your waders, its time to gear up for wintertime. Nothing is worse than when you are excited for a little winter tailwater fishing, you take your first step into the river, and that chill creeps up your spine standing the hairs up on your neck. As you feel that cold water start to seep into your waders, trying to protect your already cold body, you think, "man I wish I had purchased new waders". Do yourself a favor and look into purchasing a new pair of waders before you feel the chill on that first drift. Check out Best Waders of 2015 for a great comparison of the best waders of 2015.

Big Snapper

What is the Biggest and Baddest?

After hooking into and landing a 20-pound snapping turtle, it got us thinking. "What is the biggest and baddest fish/animal I can go after on a fly rod?" Crocodiles? Well, maybe getting a little overzealous, but what about sharks? Now that seems like it is not too ridiculous and believe it or not, this is starting to become a big thing among salt-water anglers. Check out the link below for one man's story that might get your mouth watering. This is a trip we are sure to do this winter.

P.S. If anyone has experience or wants to invite us on a crocodile fly fishing trip, we are all in!

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