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July 2015

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. A great summer of fly fishing is just around the corner. Water levels are currently up, but will start coming down within the month. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

South Boulder Creek's Fly Fishing is Incredible

South Boulder Creek Check out some of the South Boulder Creek Properties this August, the flows are down, and running gin clear. Read up on what have been the hot flies and the necessities for August. With a number of bugs coming off everyday, each section has its own prolific hatches.

Boulder River Ranch

Water levels are down to ideal flows and all structures are in play. Dry fly fishing has been incredible; yellow sally's and gray drakes have been the bugs of choice on the surface.

superflies mayfly dun sulphur

Lincoln Hills

Anglers are reporting excellent fishing on the surface and sub surface. Gray drakes all the way. We have been experimenting with a number of patterns, but this one below is out fishing other patterns 4 to 1.

superflies mayfly emerger light-olive

Deadwood Placer

Hugely under fished, this section of water located just above Tunnel Beat is waiting for a dry-dropper/dry fly rig to drift down its beautiful riffles.

superflies mayfly dun ash-gray

Freese Placer

With every type of water you can imagine, this section is great for any type of fishing that your heart desires. Long riffles, deep runs, tight pockets and a few deep holes, this section of river has it all. Our favorite has been a rusty adult stonefly.

superflies stonefly

Yacht Club

With a new trail system, this section is easy to navigate and at current flows, it has incredible fishing. Through the month of August, flows should continue on their way down, opening up more and more pocket water and bringing the hungry fish close to the surface. Duns have been popping and hatch numbers are increasing every time. Check out his yellow Dun for the best results.

superflies mayfly dun yellow

Espy Ranch

Flowing through a beautiful grassy meadow, we are expecting to have some amazing hopper fishing this August. The caddis are popping as well and will only start increasing in numbers as August comes. They are buzzing around and seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Nothing like throwing size 12 hoppers down the long riffles here!

superflies cadis adult green


Underwater Trout Photo Ever have trouble knowing what pattern to fish when a hatch is coming off? Check out some of Superflies latest ties, these realistic patterns have been fooling fish after fish and out hooking our old favorites 4 to 1. With the realistic profiles, all you have to do is match your fly to the bugs coming off and your good to go. No more guess work. Checkout for flies and more information.

Underwater Cameras

You do not need anything fancy these days to get some great underwater photos. This photo was taken on an iPhone 5 with a waterproof Otter Box Case. Taking underwater photos relieves stress on the fish as appose to trying to get that perfect trophy shot in your hands. Start exploring the great photos you can get underwater.

Check out the link below and think about how you can be a better Catch-and-Release angler by taking under water shots.

Attention Catch-and-Release Anglers

With the flows dropping all throughout the state and the fly fishing season really starting to kick off, it is important to remember a few rules when it comes to getting that trophy shot. Check out the link below for a great article on, "Don't Be a Catch-and-Release Killer".

Our favorite is #5. We have seen our fare share of anglers who would have turned blue and been face down in the river having applied this rule.

Bent Rod Photos of the Month

Bent Rod Photos of the Month 1 Bent Rod Photos of the Month 2

Cheers to Nature

Because fly fishing wouldn't be what it is without the beautiful places we travel to, to experience our deep passion.

Cheers to Nature

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