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May 2015

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. It is officially time for warmer weather, rising rivers and the start of a beautiful 2015 season. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Yard Sales from the Fishing Gods

Fishing gear All it takes is one nice weekend of weather and they start rising everywhere. No I am not talking about trout, but rather yard sales. Yard sales are a great place to find inexpensive fly fishing gear. Every spring and summer we find a ton of great equipment garage sale hopping. From rods and reels that you can no longer buy to novelty fly fishing gear. Check out Craigslist, or keep an eye out while driving for signs. This month, I am headed out with $50 dollars in search of getting completely geared up to hit the river for a day of trout fishing. I will report on our findings next month.

Underrated Species

Fly fisherman with large jackThroughout our many salt water fly fishing trips, we have noticed quite a bit of negativity towards certain species, such as jacks, snook and barracuda, along with a number of other species. For the life of us, we cannot seem to figure it out. They each pull just as hard as any other species and can be a ton of fun to catch. On our last salt water trip to Mexico, the favorite fish I caught was a jack. It all happened so fast, and when the fish took off, we couldn't have been more excited. As I burst with excitement the guide said, "Its just a jack." Just a jack? What the heck is that supposed to mean? For whatever reason it was as if the jack was trash fish, but to me, I couldn't of had more fun hooking into, fighting and landing the beautiful fish. Check out all the different species of fish that you can catch, and not just in the salt. There are many under rated fish species out there, and they can be just as much fun and fight just as hard as the more well know game fish. Have you had the experience of a lifetime catching an under rated species? Let us know to be featured in an upcoming newsletter! Email your story to .

Snorkeling in the River

Snorkeling in the river If you have never snorkeled a river, or have trouble identifying where fish hold, take the time this summer to do a little snorkeling down the river. It's amazing how close you can sneak up on fish, floating right over top of them. While the rivers are still freezing cold and run-off is amongst us, in just a few weeks the rivers should be perfect for snorkeling. A wet suit is always a nice addition, to keep you warm and allow you to stay in the water longer. This first hand experience to see where fish hold and how they behave in their natural state is incomparable information for the fly angler. Get out there and give it a shot, see what you can learn from an hour of floating the river.

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