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March 2015

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Colorado Newsletter. What a great 2015 fly fishing season it has been thus far. The warm months are quickly approaching, with temperatures already hitting the low 80s in Denver. As the top fly fishing guide service in Colorado, we seek to be your information hub with all items related to fly fishing. Whether you are looking for river conditions, informative articles from the industries top associates or a fun piece of literature, this monthly mailing will have it.

Proper River Etiquette

Fishing out by South Park It blows our minds when people get disgruntled while fishing, however somehow it happens. When we go out with a group of friends, we are usually standing shoulder to shoulder, laughing, giving each other a hard time, but at the same time helping out one another. Every river is different and needs to be read and handled as such. Practicing proper river etiquette ensures a relaxing experience, which makes for a better day all around.

This winter, there seems to be more anglers' presence on almost every river we fished than any years passed. To us, it is great to see so many anglers out there enjoying the incredible fisheries Colorado has to offer. However, sometimes things can get a little heated because a few anglers believe the public water around them becomes private during the time they are fishing there. It may be common sense and second nature to most of us, but for the few that do not understand this, just remember that public water is public. The more anglers out there fishing, the tighter the corridors can get between them.

Shoulder to shoulder Here are a few good river etiquette rules to follow to avoid any tension on the river. If you walk up on someone fishing an area it is always a good idea to ask them if you can fish there before jumping in. If you are just walking by someone, try to walk around their back casting area. Chances are, by simply talking to an angler or asking how their day is as you pass by, will make for a better day for everyone. Another common sense rule, but one that I see on occasion, is an angler running ahead of someone to get to the run before they do. Its sad to say, and most of you are probably shaking your heads, but I have seen anglers run ahead of older folks to beat them to a run.

No matter what the conditions hold, whether there is an incredible spawn, an epic hatch, or just a beautiful day on the river, remember fishing is fishing and there is never a reason to get worked up about it. Do not let a day of good conditions get the best of you or your actions.

March Madness

Fishing out by South Park It is around this time in Colorado that trophy rainbow and cutthroat trout make their annual runs into the shallows from the depths of our reservoirs. This month, a number of rivers had their spring spawn, with rainbow trout and cutthroat trout running up their waters. It was a beautiful month and we were lucky enough to hit one of the many great spawns.

The most popular fishery, was on the South Platte River, between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Elevenmile Reservoir, better known as the “Dream Stream”. In short, the name summed up the day we had. There were a number of resident rainbows that were eating like crazy, however it was the large cutthroat trout that had moved up to spawn that really put the icing on the cake. The conditions were not ideal, as the low flows prevented a number of fish from making their way up, but the fish that had, were feeding aggressively in the deep runs and pools throughout the meandering stretch of river. The sun was shining and by 10 o’clock it was apparent that I had over dressed. After catching a number of fish we relaxed on the bank and got to watch two actively spawning fish over a redd. We sat as they deposited their eggs, doing what they were there to do.

While this was just one of the great spawns that Colorado has to offer, there are many more taking place during the month of March. This month should be called “March Madness” on the rivers, so get out there and try to catch some of the biggest fish of the year. With all the excitement of big fish in skinny water, always remember to never fish to actively spawning trout and watch your step as the river bottom can be covered in redds. It is these times that proper river etiquette really comes into play. Enjoy your time on the water, and keep that tip up.

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